Keeping the Flame of Business Adventure Burning

Expedition Business is a Podcast where we share the highs & lows of our inspiring South African Entrepreneurs.

Most entrepreneurs start their business journey with a spirit of adventure, but as realities set in, we lose the passion, energy & drive.

Our business adventure is often stolen by:

  • All the complexities of business,
  • Way too much information,
  • Fear,
  • Stress,
  • Sleep Deprivation,

Until our physical and emotional health takes a tumble and we feel like bailing out.

At Expedition Business we believe that the more entrepreneurs are exposed to stories of our inspiring South African Entrepreneurs’ highs & specifically lows, the more we will have the grit and tenacity to make it through the challenges awaiting us and the more we can regroup, refocus & re-energize to continue our business expedition.

If you are lucky enough to have a grandfather or father that could share their business adventures ‘around the firepit’, your chances of being an equally successful entrepreneur increase exponentially.

Or if you have a formal mentor or business coach, you are a very fortunate entrepreneur. Unfortunately, the majority of enthusiastic aspiring entrepreneurs or even existing entrepreneurs do not have that luxury at hand.

If you add to this equation that our economy’s strength is directly parallel to the strength of its entrepreneurs, the importance of providing mentors to our aspiring entrepreneurs become even more important.

Entrepreneurship is an essential driver of societal health and wealth. It is also a formidable engine of economic growth. It promotes the essential innovation required not only to exploit new opportunities, promote productivity, and create employment, but to also address some of society’s greatest challenges.

The capacity of entrepreneurs to realize their hopes, dreams and intentions can clearly be hampered by their fear of failure & level of exhaustion.

“One of two proposed solutions include increasing awareness of the many successful entrepreneurs that have had prior failures.”

-Global Entrepreneurship Monitor Report 2022/2023 

South Africa ranked 12th last out of 51 countries surveyed in the annual Global Entrepreneurship Monitor Report.