Yoke van Dam - The Kintsugi Queen

Yoke van Dam is known as the Kintsugi Queen™ for her ability to join, repair, and…(Read More)

Rayana Edwards - The Stitching is not always straight

Rayana Edwards is the founder of Sari for Change, an organization that collects old saris and…(Read More)

Sue Gajather - The Vegan Chef

Sue Gajathar wants to change the world one meal at a time!!  And by the looks of it, she is making serious progress. ..(Read More) 

Claudia Castellanos - The Patagonia of Hot Sauces

Claudia Castellanos is the co-founder and CEO of Black Mamba Foods, a fair…(Read More)


Rael Levitt - Thriving through business Tsunamis

Rael Levitt has been the Golden Boy of the Auctioneering industry in South Africa…

Tiffany Markman - World's Best Copywriter

Tiffany Markman, an expert freelance copywriter, writing skills trainer, &…

Anita du Toit - Franchise Fundi

Franchising is alive and well and Anita du Toit, founder of Franchise Fundi is ready to help our South African entrepreneurs…


Tim Wagner - Breathwork Alchemist

Tim Wagner is a former burnt-out executive now turned Breathwork Alchemist…


Hamilton Wende - International War Correspondent & Author

Hamilton Wende is an author, journalist and TV producer…


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