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Expedition Business has achieved phenomenal success in the short time that we have been on the air, and we would love to give you the opportunity to share in this success.

31,500 Downloads in 8 Months!!!
We are so Super Proud of our Phenomenal Growth and would LOVE for you to be part of this.
Sharing Your Stories FREE
The podcasts recordings of our South African Entrepreneurs are done FREE of charge! Our number one concern is to get the stories of our inspirational entrepreneurs to as many people as possible.
We need your Help!
We do however need to cover our costs at some point in time and your support would be highly appreciated!!
Thank You!
Thank you for considering to support the Expedition Business Initiative. We need your support to help Expedition Business reach even more South African Entrepreneurs! Please consider getting involved as a sponsor or contributor!
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We would love to give your company exposure to be seen as a contributor to developing entrepreneurship in South Africa & beyond.

We have a plan for your company to be part of the Expedition Business Initiative. 

From as little as R99/month!

One episode costs around R17,995 to plan, produce, edit & take to market.

Expedition Business offers you the opportunity to advertise your company during an episode @ R2950 per read.

Your company will also be listed in the description of the specific episode & related social media shares.

You can become a sponsor of Expedition Business for as little as R19,950 for a 3 month period (+-12 episodes).

You will receive:

  • one live read per episode (12 episodes),
  • listed as a sponsor in all descriptions of episodes,
  • social media exposure on all podcast advertising, and
  • one podcast episode with the founder of your company!

We are always looking for products to give away as prizes and incentives. 

Contact us today so that we can start the conversation on how to make the arrangement work for both parties!