Inspiring Book for Entrepreneurs: Shoe Dog by Phil Knight

A book review on the book Shoe Dog for South African Entrepreneurs.

If you are looking for a super inspiring book for entrepreneurs to read, I can recommend ‘Shoe Dog’ written by Phil Knight. I have read it now for the second time, and will probably read it again sometime in the near future. “Shoe Dog” is the biography of Phil Knight, the co-founder of Nike, Inc. […]

Inspiring Book for Entrepreneurs: Herman Mashaba – Black Like You

A book review on Herman Mashaba's Black Like You. An inspiring autobiography for South African Entrepreneurs

Herman Mashaba is one of South Africa’s most iconic self-made black entrepreneurs and his book ‘Black Like You’ is one of the most inspiring biographies of South African entrepreneurs that I have read in a long time. Yes, he might have found himself in some controversial waters, but when it comes to business, Mashaba remains […]